Learn what we’ll cover in this chapter.

We'll cover the following

Let’s start our journey by implementing the first two features of our CRUD application, which are represented by the letters “C” and “R.” In the next couple of chapters, we’ll learn how to create, read, and insert data.

What we’ll learn

In short, we’ll learn to:

  • Fetch data from the database.
  • Handle an HTML form submission with PHP.
  • Insert data into the database.

What to expect

This chapter consists of the following lessons:

List All Tasks

This lesson consists of how to fetch tasks from the tasks database table and display them in an unordered list with the help of the foreach loop. The generated list is ordered by date.

Add a Project

In this lesson, we’ll start writing in the database. We’ll learn how to handle an HTML form and use the INSERT INTO SQL statement in a PHP program. We’ll specifically write code for inserting projects into the projects table. Add a Task In this lesson, we’ll learn how to write code to insert tasks into the tasks table.

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