Cover the problems within our application code and what steps can be taken to refactor it.

What’s wrong with the actual code?

If we look at our codebase, we’ll quickly realize that it’s not well organized at all. It’s spaghetti code, meaning that the code is difficult to understand, maintain, and debug. These three qualities are important considerations for beginner PHP developers.

This course is meant to teach learners how to become professional developers, so we’ll go over some tips and tricks to write professional code. Let’s get started!

MVC to the rescue!

MVC stands for Model View Controller and is a pattern used to separate application concerns. Let’s break down what each component of MVC means:

  • “M” represents the data or business logic.
  • “V” represents the presentation.
  • “C” acts between M and V.

In the upcoming lessons, we’ll discuss:

  • The MVC pattern in a nutshell.
  • The installer script refactored.
  • The create and read operations.
  • The security refactoring.

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