Ease of Becoming A JavaScript Developer

Learn how the provision of 'browser dev tools' and 'third party library support' make it much easier to get familiar with JavaScript.

There is no doubt about the high demand for JavaScript developers on both client and server sides.

Learning JavaScript is easier than ever before. Years ago, a lot of frustrations prevented an average developer from experiencing an optimal learning experience:

  • Computer resources were more scarce than now

  • The standardization of the language was a lot more immature than now, yielding to if-else structures containing different code snippets for each browser

  • The ES5 standard provided a lot worse developer experience than ES2015 and beyond

  • JavaScript was not regarded as a serious programming language

  • Browser developer tools and debugging capabilities were immature

  • Third-party library support was scarce and unreliable

  • Well integrated development environments or text editors did not exist

Talk to anyone who wrote JavaScript code fifteen years ago, and you can conclude, you are not working with the same language anymore.

If there is a problem, a passionate, open-source community, as well as tech giants like Google or Facebook, are likely to provide you with a reliable JavaScript solution. Since 2015, standardization has also started speeding up. We are living in the greatest time of JavaScript history. And it’s just going to be better.

It is obvious that Javascript will become easier as time goes by, but what kind of learning curve should you expect in this language? Well, there are scientific reasons why the JS learning experience is better than many other languages.

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