Other Important JavaScript Use Cases

Learn about other benefits of using JavaScript.

The primary use case of JavaScript has been client-side development for web browsers. Then came node.js with the ability to write server-side code. JavaScript has a lot more to give in now. Let’s see some of the more important options:

  • JavaScript and VR. React 360 makes it possible to deliver VR experiences using JavaScript. Some other libraries help you with VR as well.
  • JavaScript can compile to other languages, and other languages can be compiled to JavaScript. WebAssembly makes it possible to compile many languages to JavaScript so that you can run code in the browser.
  • Machine Learning in JavaScript. TensorFlow, Google’s machine learning library containing neural network implementations, is also available in JavaScript. Many other libraries for machine learning and artificial intelligence are also available.
  • Mobile development. React Native provides a way to perform mobile development using JavaScript. Native mobile apps and JavaScript are an amazing combination because of the facilitation of code reusability.
  • Blockchain Programming. At the time of writing this article, there are more than a thousand blockchain-related libraries on npm. Crypto-js provides us with easy-to-use encryption and decryption algorithms. Everything is set to implement blockchains in JavaScript.
  • Real-Time Communication on the Web: video and audio streams can be controlled using JavaScript. The WebRTC open-source project makes it possible to create applications with real-time communication.
  • Microservices. Seneca is one example of organizing microservices in your application.

JavaScript may or may not be optimal for certain tasks. Obviously, if a task is computation intensive, such as character animation and shading in three dimensions, JavaScript may not be the optimal language to write applications that perform these operations. However, JavaScript execution environments are continuously improving, and new use cases emerge on the horizon, where using JavaScript is an alternative. Remember, if a use case becomes feasible in JavaScript, chances are, a big passionate community will soon be formed around it.

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