Introduction to Kanban System Design

Have a look at Kanban System Design.

Kanban System Design

Kanban System Design is the systems thinking approach for collaboratively designing a Kanban System that best captures your current way of working and provides you with the initial set of tools, metrics, and controls to start your continuous improvement process as well as to improve service delivery agility in a very short time.

Kanban System Design is based on the STATIK method (which was devised by David J. Anderson) for introducing Kanban into teams and organizations.

Designing a Kanban system

Now that you are familiar with the basics of flow and Kanban systems, you are ready to design your own Kanban system.

The process has the following ten steps:

  1. Select a service.
  2. Define service’s mission.
  3. Analyze sources of dissatisfaction.
  4. Discover what the service does.
  5. Identify work types.
  6. Define visualization policies.
  7. Create and populate the board.
  8. Define way-of-working policies.
  9. Define WIP policies.
  10. Define meeting policies.

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