Solution Review: Absolute Value

Let’s go over the solution for the challenge: Absolute Value.

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In this challenge, you had to create a function that computes the absolute value of a given number.


A skeleton of the function was already provided for you. Let’s look it over.

num absolute(num x) {


The function name is absolute, and it takes a single parameter of type num and returns a value of type num.

The parameter name is x and is the number whose absolute value needs to be calculated. The absolute value of a number is simply the positive value of the number after ignoring its signs, + or -. Hence, if the given number is x, we first need to check if it is positive or negative. If it is negative, we will return its positive value by applying the unary - operator to it.

-(x) or -x

If the number is positive, we will simply return it as is.


You can find the complete solution below:

You were required to write the code given from line 2 to line 3. The provided solution is using the ternary operator but using an if-else statement would result in the correct output.

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