FizzBuzz: Not-Divisible Requirement

As a reminder, let’s recap the rules of the FizzBuzz kata. It’s a function that accepts a number as the input and returns a string depending on the following conditions:

  • If the number is divisible by three, it returns Fizz.
  • If the number is divisible by five, it returns Buzz.
  • If the number is divisible by three and five, it returns FizzBuzz.
  • If the number is neither divisible by three nor by five, it returns a string representation of that number.

So far, we managed the most trivial example which used 1 as the input argument. Now, let’s add more tests for the fourth requirement.

Passing 2 to the FizzBuzz function

Let’s start with a simple scenario for the FizzBuzz function, which consists of passing the value 2 to it.

The Red phase

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