Quiz: Multithreaded Debugging

Test yourself on the knowledge you learned about multithreaded debugging.

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type PostgresConnectionObj struct {
host string
username string
password string
dbname string
port int
var dbConn *PostgresConnectionObj // Declaration of a global variable to hold the singleton instance.
// Getter methods for the PostgresConnectionObj fields.
func (p *PostgresConnectionObj) getHost() string {
return p.host
func (p *PostgresConnectionObj) getUser() string {
return p.username
func (p *PostgresConnectionObj) getPassword() string {
return p.password
func (p *PostgresConnectionObj) getDbName() string {
return p.dbname
func (p *PostgresConnectionObj) getPort() int {
return p.port
// Initialization function to create and initialize the singleton instance.
func initInstance() *PostgresConnectionObj {
if dbConn == nil { // Check if the singleton instance is not created yet.
dbConn = &PostgresConnectionObj{ // Create a new instance with default field values.
host: "hostname",
username: "admin",
password: "passwd",
dbname: "db",
port: 5432,
return dbConn // Return the singleton instance.

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