Hands-On: Deploy the Serverless Application and Inspect it in AWS

Learn how to deploy a simple python application using the Serverless Framework and AWS.

Creating a simple serverless application

The following steps explain the creation of a simple serverless application.

Note: This application will be used throughout the course and will deploy multiple services.


  • Enter the AWS credentials in the environment variables.

  • Click “Connect,” and then perform the following tasks:

    • Configure the AWS credentials using the environment variables (AWS

    • You can log into Serverless either through the dashboard or the console. We have used the dashboard method. To log in through the dashboard, you must first register yourself on Serverless if you are not already registered.

    • After logging into Serverless, create a serverless application using the AWS–PYTHON–STARTER and enter the project (app) name, then select the appropriate org.

    • For now, we won't deploy the application, so enter “no” when you are asked to deploy the application.

These steps are shown in the following slides:

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