Solution: Deploy the Basic HTTP API

Let's take a look at the solution for this exercise.

We'll cover the following


The following steps explain how to create an HTTP API serverless application.


  • Enter the AWS credentials in the environment variables.

  • Click “Connect.” Following task will be performed when you click “Connect”:

    • AWS credentials are configured using the environment variables (AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY , AWS_REGION, AWS_OUTPUT).
    • You are asked to log in to Serverless, which you can do either through the dashboard or console. Use the dashboard method.
    • After logging in to Serverless, create a serverless application using the serverless command, then use the AWS - Node.js - HTTP API, enter the project (app) name, and select the appropriate org.
    • Enter “yes” when asked to deploy the application.

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