Introduction to the Course

Get an introduction to the course and explore its structure, strengths, prerequisites, and intended audience.

Course overview

Many new and improved features have landed in CSS over the past few years, and a cross-browser effort to improve compatibility has made the language more stable than ever! Let’s review these enhancements to layout, responsive design, element styling, properties, and selectors, and also peek at upcoming features.

The coordinated implementation of new features across browsers these days means we can start using them as soon as they appear, which is great for keeping our stylesheets as simple as possible. A few single-line properties can now replace multiline, hacky solutions. In some cases, newly available features may even allow us to remove JavaScript workarounds we once needed to bypass old limitations!

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The CSS Working Group (CSSWG)—the body responsible for updates to the language—has been taking feedback from developers and drawing inspiration from community solutions. The improvements described in this course provide an exciting glimpse into what’s now possible with CSS. There’s never been a better time to get (back) into learning CSS!

Here’s the breakdown of the topics covered in this course:

Tree structure of the course

Intended audience

This course targets front-end developers who want to familiarize themselves with the latest CSS features and enhancements.


You should have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS fundamentals, including the ability to construct reusable components, implement media queries, and create responsive layouts.

Course strengths

Here are some strengths of this course:

Comprehensive overview of CSS

  • In-depth review of new CSS features and enhancements
  • Covers layout, responsive design, element styling, properties, and selectors

Cross-browser compatibility

  • Emphasizes increased stability and compatibility across browsers
  • Enables developers to adopt new features confidently and simplify stylesheets

Hands-on experience

  • Includes executable code within lessons, facilitating active learning
  • Provides challenges playgrounds at the end of each chapter for the practical application of concepts
  • Offers multiple-choice question-based assessments at the end of each chapter for knowledge reinforcement


  • Emphasizes current relevance of course content
  • Provides an exciting opportunity to explore modern CSS