Get introduced to the course.

This is the beginning of an exciting course that will introduce you to Vue version 3, along with most of its workings. We will create a Medium-like clone and learn all the basics of the latest Vue framework along the way. We will start with the basics of creating a Vue version 3 project using the Vue CLI. Then, we’ll move towards the implementation of the UI for the header, footer, and other screens.

We will learn navigation using the Vue Router and use the Vuex store management tool for user authentication and fetching article feed and user info. The course will introduce you to UI template building and then how to bind the dynamic data to the templates. At the end of this course, you will have a Medium clone built using Vue version 3 with ample understanding of the Vue Router and Vuex store management.

Along the way, quizzes and interactive code will help you understand the concepts covered in the course.

In this chapter, we will go from Vue CLI’s installation to starting a new Vue 3 project. We are also going to initialize the Vue Router to navigate to different pages. The idea is to get started with the Vue 3 template, organize the required file structure, and then implement the Navbar component through which we can navigate to different web pages.

So, let’s get started!