Get introduced to the Ionic Framework in this lesson.

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About Ionic

I have been using the Ionic Framework for mobile application development since 2014, before it was even officially released. Since then, Ionic has been my go-to technology for building mobile apps. With the release of version four in 2019, Ionic grew beyond its humble origins as an angular-based framework for making mobile apps. Today, Ionic works with a variety of web technologies. It has become a first-class citizen for building all manner of web applications.

The Ionic Framework supports a variety of mobile platforms. Throughout this course, I will cover the important aspects of development with Ionic and Angular, going from the initial idea all the way to the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

What’s in this course

This course will cover the absolute basics: I will show you how to build a simple Ionic application. I will cover the application structure, explaining how an Ionic application is laid out. Next, I will introduce some of Ionic’s more useful UI components and create a basic side-menu for the demo application.

Unlike many courses that spend a lot of time on background, this one is designed to be fast paced, with a minimum of fuss and fluff. It is all hands-on.

This course assumes that you already have some basic understanding of web development. You should know what a <div> is, for example, and know how to create a button. You should also have a decent grasp of JavaScript, but you need not be a master.

I do not expect you to have ever used Angular or the Ionic Framework, but it certainly will not hurt you if you have. This is not a course on Angular. You will need to have a basic grasp of Angular because this course primarily focuses on Ionic. While I will point out basic aspects of Angular as they pertain to Ionic, I will not go any deeper than I must to make the demo application work.

By the time you complete the course, you should have the confidence you need to create and deploy your own mobile app for iOS or Android.

It will be a fast ride, so hang on tight.