User Notifications via Toast

Learn how to add notification features in your application.

Toast notifications

Many times, an application needs to provide a notification to the user that something has happened, but it is not critical enough to interrupt the flow of the application completely. Toast notifications fill that role perfectly.

A toast is a small, unobtrusive pop-up informational banner. By convention, it should impart a short message that will appear for a brief amount of time before automatically disappearing. Some toast notifications also contain a way for the user to dismiss it early.

Deciding whether or not to use a toast notification is simple. Does the message require the user to take action? And is it important if the user misses it? If the answer to both questions is “no”, then a toast notification is perfect.

The ion-toast component

The Ionic implementation of a toast notification is the ion-toast component. It is probably the most basic of all of Ionic’s UI components. You can build one with a minimal amount of effort. The most basic form of the component consists of a message and a duration.

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