In this lesson, we will discuss what you will learn from this course and what information you should be familiar with before starting the course.

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Android is one of the world’s most popular operating systems, supporting everything from 5G mobile devices to touchscreen smartphones and tablets. This open-source, Linux-based software is used by Google to power over 2.5 billion devices worldwide, accounting for over 80% of smartphone sales.

Android is growing as more and more manufacturers, including Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, and LG, turn to Android to power their products. This means that there’s a huge demand for Android developers worldwide. Learning these skills will make you a desirable candidate across the board.

Course overview

The first two chapters of this course will focus on familiarizing you with Android build tools, core components, and a simple “Hello World” screen. Next, we will transition into building a Travel Blog Application: starting from the simple login screen and ending with rendering a list of blog articles along with search and sorting functionality.

After finishing this course, you will be able to create Android applications, load data from the network, and cache data to the local database to bring an amazing user experience 😉.

The application interface
The application interface


This course is designed for people with basic knowledge of Java core and XML. If you are new to Java, it’s strongly recommended to take The Complete Java Crash Course before beginning this course.

The authors of this course believe in the 80/20 rule: 20% of the effort gets you to 80% of the solution. That said, Modern Android App Development with Java course doesn’t deep dive into details, rather it focuses on a problem-solving and practical approach to achieve the desired result.