About the Course

Get an overview of the course, its prerequisites, and the intended audience.

This course requires a basic understanding of APIs and a fundamental knowledge of the Python programming language. Before we start this course, let’s have a brief overview of APIs.

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software interface that allows two or more applications to communicate with each other. For example, when we start an application that connects to the Internet, it sends data to the server. The server then retrieves and interprets the data we sent, Next, it performs the instructions we issued. Finally, it returns the data to us. Finally, the application will interpret this data and give us easily understood information.

What is a movie API?

A movie API provides information from an online information repository related to movies, TV shows, and people (cast and crew). The repository also keeps data related to each of these items, such as the cast, crew, plot summaries, user reviews, ratings, release dates, and more. Most of the movie APIs collect data primarily from the users themselves and content generated by the users.

A movie API platform makes it easy for its users to get all this data through an extensive set of endpointsAn endpoint is one end of a communication channel. For APIs, an endpoint includes a URL of a server or service.. The endpoints can be used to query for any information regarding movies. A number of similar movie APIs exist but in this course, we’ll explore and use The Movie Database API.

Use cases of TMDB APIs

Any application that relies on or uses the information related to movies and TV shows can benefit from the services provided by the movie APIs.

The available movie APIs have so much helpful information. These APIs make it much easier for developers to use all the relevant data in their applications. Imagine collecting the whole data from scratch; it’s a big task that would require massive time and effort. A developer intending to create an application for movies should keep an eye on the movie API that is most independently efficient. This decreases their own efforts. Other than using the movie APIs in development, we can even perform data analytics or build exciting and fun quizzes for movies and TV shows to get more information from the users.

This course is intended for every individual who wants to learn how to use and integrate TMDB API. In this context, you can be either of the following, but not limited to:

  • A student who is new in the world of APIs and wants to learn their basic usage.
  • A professional who has ample experience of working with other movie APIs and wants to explore The Movie Database as well.