Running End-to-End Tests

In this short lesson, you will see how to run our end-to-end tests using `go test` and Ginkgo.

We'll cover the following

Running end-to-end tests

We did all the hard work of thinking about useful test cases and coding them. Let’s enjoy the fruits of our labor and run the tests.

The end-to-end tests rely on the mg executable, which is the binary that multi-git generates to be in the path. I usually build directly to /usr/local/bin. YMMV.

Try it yourself by typing the following commands in the terminal below:

$ go build -o /usr/local/bin/mg
$ which mg

Ginkgo integrates with the standard go tool, so we can just run the end to end tests using the standard go test:

$ cd e2e_tests
$ go test

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