Cartesian Point Class

Learn how to code the direction of a point from a line and calculate the x- and y-coordinates.

Introduction to the Cartesian system

Let’s dive into the discrete mathematical concept of vector space. In computer science, vectors represent a couple of things, such as lists of only rows or of rows and columns. Sometimes, we can place a vector point with two coordinates, x and y, and find the direction of the point concerning a line segment.

This algorithm is used in producing maps and directions, finding the area of polygons, and much more using vector cross products.

“How do we get the direction of a point on a map? Should we turn right or left? We can figure that out using the x- and y-coordinates: x for right, y for left. We can also move forward if that point lies on the same line.”

In geometry, three concepts are vital: point, line, and plane. To understand these concepts, let’s first see the illustration below.

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