Example: Identifying Performance BottleNecks in the Bank App

Let's look at the bank app and how Profiler is helpful in identifying performance lags.

We'll cover the following

Hey John, what have you done?!!!”, said Mia as she stomped into John’s office.

I was just profiling the bank application, and it’s not performing well at all,” she added.

John wasn’t surprised. He had not spent a lot of time thinking about performance, but with Mia all up in his face, he began to rethink.

Okay, I’ll have a look and fix whatever bottlenecks I find. Can we do that together?” John said while thinking to himself how much help Mia would be since she spotted the problem anyway.

Oh, sure,” she replied.

After spending a couple of hours, they found and fixed a couple of performance bottlenecks in the application.

What did they do? What measures were taken?

Example: Bank App

In this example, we’ll spin up the bank application and pick up from where we stopped in the earlier chapter. This time we’ll fix the performance bottlenecks within the application.

Here’s what the bank app looks like:

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