Why Comics?

Let's lighten things up.

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About Me

I have been writing software for over 5 years, but I have done other things too. I’ve been a graphic designer, a published author, teacher, and a long, long time ago, an amateur illustrator.

Technical Community

I love the tech community, but sometimes, as a group, we tend to be a little narrow-minded.

When people attempt to teach new technical concepts, they usually forget who they were before they became developers and just churn out a lot of technical jargon, just like other developers they’ve seen.

When you get to know people though, it turns out that many of us have diverse backgrounds! If you were a comedian, why not explain technical concepts with some comedy?

Wouldn’t that would be so cool?

I want to show how we can become better as engineers, as teams, and as a community by openly being our full, weird selves and teaching others with all that personality. But rather than just talking, I want to make it noteworthy and lead by example. So, welcome to my rendition of a comics-inspired course about every React update since v16.

Following the release of the v16.8 features, there are a lot of informative comics to be delivered!

Inspired by Jani Eväkallio.

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