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Other Courses by Me on Educative

Advanced React Patterns With Hooks — With the release of hooks, certain React patterns have gone out of style. Hooks are likely the way we’ll be writing React components for the next couple of years, so they are quite important. React patterns can still be used, but in most cases, developers will be better off using hooks. For example, they should choose hooks over render props or higher-order components. There may be specific cases where the aforementioned could still be used, but most of the time, hooks are better. That being said, this course will teach you some of the more advanced React patterns implemented with hooks.

Understanding Redux: A Beginner’s Guide To State Management — This is a beginner’s gateway into the mechanics of using Redux as an application building platform. It takes a bottom-up approach, enforcing the basic aspects of Redux before incorporating them together in a creative and interactive way. It begins with a short theoretical section before moving on to application-based problems. The course does assume that the user has a basic idea of how React works, as Redux works in the React environment.

Understanding Flexbox: Everything you need to know — This course will cover all the fundamental and advanced concepts you need to be well-versed with in the CSS Flexbox model. You will learn to layout a Responsive Music App in the process. It is a detailed course, and I hope you’re ready for it.

The Complete Advanced Guide to CSS — My goal is to take you from a beginner (or intermediate) CSS user to one of the best CSS devs you know! The course teaches the fundamentals of CSS, a guide to responsive design, sleek interface creation with CSS animations, transitions, writing maintainable and scalable CSS, and much more! Also, with this course, you’ll get a private Slack invite where you can ask me anything.

The 4 (Practical) Flexbox Tricks you Need to Know — If you’ve been trying to get a grip on Flexbox - here’s an interactive practical tutorial for you. No fluff, just the important practical tricks you need to know.

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