EM Loop: The Tech Deep-dive Interview

Let’s explore the tech deep-dive interview and the best ways to prepare for it.

We'll cover the following

In this type of interview, you’re expected to dive into one of your past projects and explain its technical aspects and design in detail. Remember that the interviewer is mainly looking at your capability to confidently hold a tech discussion and discuss things like trade-offs. The interviewer also looks at how well you communicate when presenting difficult concepts. Practice ahead of time by drawing design and architecture diagrams and walking through the design of a past project. Think of it more like an informal system design review presentation or discussion.

Note: Make sure to check with the recruiter which tools (a physical whiteboard, Google Jamboard) will be available to you during the interview and practice with the same tools beforehand. It’s a good idea to practice a mock interview with a friend or to record yourself since you can choose the project beforehand and are given the opportunity to prepare.

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