Acing the Engineering Manager Interview

Acing the Engineering Manager Interview


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AI Explanations
AI Mock Interview
AI Mock Interview
Acing the Engineering Manager Interview
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Takeaway Skills

Understanding the engineering manager role and if it's the right fit for engineers working as ICs

Understanding the interview process and the series of different interviews in the EM loop

Familiarity with common questions asked during engineering management interviews and articulating their responses in a story-like format

Understanding the qualities of a good engineering manager

Course Overview

Engineers working as individual contributors may want to switch to management roles in the middle of their careers. A significant part of this transition will involve preparing for the engineering manager (EM) interview. This course is meant for folks preparing for an EM interview, enabling them to systematically cover the often-asked questions and strategies to come up with good answers. The course begins with education about the EM role and the interview process for this role. It then covers the patterns ...Show More


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