Challenge: Egg Dropping Problem

Let's solve the famous egg dropping problem!

Problem statement

Given a tall skyscraper and a few eggs, write a function to figure out how many tries it would take to figure out which floor of the skyscraper the eggs can be dropped from without breaking. Here are some rules:

  1. An egg that survives a fall can be used again but a broken egg must be discarded.
  2. The effect of a fall is the same for all eggs.
  3. If an egg breaks when dropped from a certain floor, it would also break if dropped from a higher floor.
  4. If an egg survives a fall from a certain floor, it would also survive a shorter fall.


The inputs are two integers that represent the number of stories of the skyscraper and number of eggs respectively.


The output is the least number of egg-droppings to figure out the critical floor.

Sample input

int eggs = 6;
int floors = 15;

Sample output


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