Exercise: Detect Fiducials on an Electronic Board

Challenge yourself to detect fiducials through smoothing, template matching, thresholding, and blob detection in a coding exercise.

Problem statement

This one will be a little more challenging.

Launch the Jupyter Notebook below and follow the instructions.


  • The comment lines starting with # >>> indicate that you must edit the cell.

  • Replace the None values with the correct funtion calls.

The goal is to locate the three fiducials (the small golden disks in the corners) on the electronic board. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands on the code.

The main steps that you’ll have to complete are:

  1. Create a synthetic template for the fiducial disks.

  2. Get the matched image.

  3. Threshold the matched image.

  4. Detect the blobs.

Expected output

If everything goes according to plan, this is the final annotated image that you should get:

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