AWS Cost Optimization Approach

Learn how the Cost Pillar fits within the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

AWS wants us to run our workloads in the most secure, stable, and efficient way possible. But why would they want us to save money and not spend more money? Because they know the market, and they know that cloud computing has become a commodity.

All the major cloud vendors have mostly the same suite of services and tools—maybe with different names or different architectures. While it's not something anyone would want to do all the time, moving to a different cloud provider isn’t as monumental a task as one would think.

The balance has shifted

With the advent of virtualization, containerization, and architectural patterns like loosely coupled design, canonical forms, and open standards, portability among cloud providers isn’t that bad. Of course, the major heavy lifting comes from the need to migrate to those architectural patterns in the first place, and many companies use cloud migration to do just that.

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