Walk-Through: Tagging

Learn how to create and apply a tagging policy to accounts with AWS Organization.

In this scenario, we are using AWS Organizations to manage a landscape of two accounts. Our management account is the account where we consolidate billing. We also have a child account, called a "member account." We want to create a tagging policy for all our accounts where our users are required to maintain a valid cost center in their resources.

Enable cost allocation tags

First, let’s enable some cost allocation tags in the “Billing Management” console. We’ll enable the user-defined CostCenter and the AWS-provided createdBy. If Cost Explorer, Budgets, or AWS Cost and Usage Reports have not been enabled, you might need to do this before you can see the “Cost allocation tags” entry in the “Billing Management” console. Enabling these tags makes these billing tools aware that we’re going to be using CostCenter as a way to track costs.

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