Caution: Cool Stuff Ahead!

Enough with the commands already, wanna do something fun? Give this lesson a read to discover what things you can do with just the basic Bash knowledge that you have gained so far.

Uptil now, we only covered the commonly used commands followed by the necessary concepts and terminologies used in Bash. But, the main reason as to why Bash is given so much importance in programmers’ world is going to be revealed in these upcoming lessons. Sit tight as you are about to discover the real power of Bash.

Working in Bash

Bash lets you work with a large set of tools and technologies that you can install, update and maintain via terminal and use them to install further packages for third party apps. Some of the most abundantly installed tools are:

  • GIT
  • Python/R
  • Conda
  • Docker

In addition to this, we can also download any Shell script online and execute it on our terminal to save a lot of time and effort. As we know, a Shell script is a combination of Bash commands written in order to achieve something. This helps us perform various set of tasks by running just one command to execute that Shell script. There’s a huge variety of Shell scripts available online to relief the programmers from the never-ending, hectic procedures of installing the useful softwares and packages required for development. Here are the commands and steps that you need to perform to run a downloaded script:

  • Place the script where needed
  • Set the execute permissions of file with chmod command like this: chmod a+x
  • Finally, Execute the script like this: sh

…and that’s it! Interesting, right?

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