In this lesson, we’ll:

  1. Clone an app from a Git repo
  2. Inspect its Dockerfile
  3. Containerize it
  4. Run it as a container

Github repository

  • The Linux app can be cloned from here.
  • The Windows app can be cloned from here.

The Linux app has already been cloned for you in the widget at the end of this lesson.

Running commands

The rest of this section will focus on the Linux NGINX example. However, both examples are containerizing simple web apps, so the process is the same. Where there are differences in the Windows example, we will highlight them to help you follow along.

Run all of the following commands in the playground at the end of the lesson.

Clone the repo locally (we have already done this in our playground). This will pull the application code to your local Docker host, ready for you to containerize it.

Be sure to substitute the following repo with the Windows repo if you are following along with the Windows example.

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