The Marketplace Application

Let's look at the basic structure of the application we will be developing in this course.

Application overview

The marketplace application is a platform for authenticated users to view and order products. The API we develop in the course will be integrated within this application and used for data interchange between different application models.

This application consists of four models:

  • The User model represents the users who view products and place orders.

  • The Product model represents the products that are available on the platform.

  • The Order model allows the users to place their orders.

  • The Placement model is used to manage multiple orders.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what’s going on yet. We will review and develop each of these resources as we move forward with the course.

We will not build views for displaying or interacting with the API in this course. There are plenty of options out there like the JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Vue.js, or React.js).

You may be wondering, then, how we will visualize the API we will be building.

For now we will use cURLIt’s a command-line tool used to transfer data via network protocols. It uses URL syntax to transfer data to or from the database server., which allows anybody to reproduce requests on any computer.