Course Overview

Get a brief introduction to this course, its intended audience, and key learning outcomes.


In this course, you’ll learn how to use Redis with Go for building practical solutions. In addition to an overview of Redis, you’ll learn how to choose the appropriate Redis data structure(s) and feature(s) for the job at hand and architect scalable applications.

Intended audience and course contents

This is a hands-on course for developers; therefore, some programming knowledge may make this a better learning experience. This course will prove helpful for anyone who wants to learn Redis practically, utilizing code samples to provide an overview of how to use specific data types or features. But it doesn’t stop there! This course will allow you to learn Redis comprehensively by focusing on breadth as well as depth.

The course covers the following material at a high level:

  • Core data types in Redis String, Hash, Set, Sorted Set, Geospatial and HyperLogLog.

  • How to use Redis for messaging applications with List, Pub/Sub, and Streams.

  • Some core concepts, such as Pipeline, server-side scripting, scan and more.

  • Going beyond core data structures, and leveraging the extensibility of Redis with Redis Modules.

  • How to run Redis across multiple servers using Redis Cluster.

Course structure and demo applications

Each lesson consists of exercises in the form of quizzes and coding challenges to reinforce these concepts. This course also has a project assignment to apply the skills you’ve learned.

Some of the applications covered in this course include the following:

  • User management application with a REST API.

  • Leaderboard feature in a game.

  • A collaborative chat service.

  • Backend for a store locator system.

We hope you find this course helpful and thoroughly enjoy it!