Passing the First Test

Let’s implement the missing step to pass our first test.

We’ve been progressing at a slow pace so far. It’s important not to rush it. Keep moving forward while taking tiny steps. It’s natural to want to move faster, but we should resist that urge. Try to let this rhythm sink in.

Taking bigger steps might seem like we’re making progress faster, but that ignores the time we’ll have to spend debugging when something unexpected occurs.

We want to avoid spending time debugging. That’s one of the most time-consuming activities one experiences as a developer.

Let’s return to the test at hand.

Next, we’ll try to land on our website, a straightforward action basic for any user… The first step is defining the context. The context is where (and how) the user starts their journey.

The first step

Because there shouldn’t be much of a context except for just being on the homepage, we can fill this step in with an action to visit the homepage.

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