Project: A To-do List

Get introduced to the project and its challenges.

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To better understand jQuery applications, we will be working on an interactive project. In this project, we will add jQuery functionality to a “to-do list” webpage. The project will build incrementally and be divided into six sub-tasks:

  • Assigning a click event handler
  • Adding a task in the todo list
  • Deleting a task from the todo list
  • Moving a task from todo to done
  • Moving and removing tasks with effects
  • Importing tasks to the to-do list from a server

Each of the sub-tasks will provide a hands-on experience meant to test the functionality learned in a given chapter.

Final Preview

Below is a preview of what the final project will look like after adding jQuery functionality.

You can play around with the web page by adding, deleting, or updating a task while focusing on its interactivity and functionality.

Final Project Preview