What Are the Next Steps?

In this lesson, we summarize and conclude the course and provide you with a set of recommended courses in the front-end development domain.

We'll cover the following


In this course, we developed a basic understanding of jQuery and its role in the document object model (DOM). Using jQuery, we learned:

  • How to respond to different user-events using event handlers (Chapter 2).
  • How to implement the in-browser selection, traversal, and manipulation of the DOM using various jQuery methods (Chapter 3).
  • How to use effects and animations to enhance the end-user experience (Chapter 4).
  • How to utilize the AJAX framework for dynamic content loading (Chapter 5).

Next steps

jQuery serves as a building block towards front-end web development. If you want to further refine your front-end skills, there are plenty of JavaScript frameworks to explore like Vue.js, React, and Angular.

Concluding note

Congratulations on completing the course! We at Educative hope this was a fun, interactive, and helpful learning experience. We appreciate you for being a part of our learning community and look forward to your feedback, comments, concerns, and questions. Feel free to drop us an emailcourses_feedback@educative.io or a comment on the community forum!

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