Learn about the fan-in pattern in Golang.

Overview of the fan-in pattern

Fan-in is a term that describes the process of combining multiple results into one channel. Fan-in is a way of multiplexing in Golang that processes multiple input data and combines them into a single entity.

Let’s suppose we work in a factory where only one member does each task. This takes a lot of time. But now, let’s assume that more than one person does one of the tasks. This reduces our overall execution time. The fan-in pattern works similarly.

Now, let’s suppose we want to read multiple files and merge them into a single file. Reading one file at a time isn’t recommended. For the purposes of this problem, assume that after we read one line, we must wait for a period of time, and if we are in the middle of the file, we can’t start reading another.

We can use multiplexing or a fan-in pattern in which whoever is ready sends the input, which can increase the speed.

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