MultipIe Inheritance Using Rectangle Class

Understand multiple inheritance with an example of a derived Rectangle class.


Write a program that has 3 classes in it (Shape, Cost, and Rectangle). Of these, Shape and Cost should be independent classes, whereas Rectangle should be derived from Shape and Cost. The Shape class should maintain shape type (Plate or Ring), length and breadth of the shape type. The Cost class should have a getCost( ) function that returns the cost of polishing the shape based on the type of the shape. Assume that it costs $50 per plate and $22 per ring.

The Rectangle class should contain a function getQuantity( ) that returns the area if the shape type is a plate and perimeter if the shape type is a rectangular ring. Create objects of the Rectangle class in main( ) and call getQuantity( ) and getCost( ) using these objects to determine the quantity and polishing of each.

Sample run

Here’s what you should see when you run the program.

Shape type: plate with length = 10 and breadth = 20
Quantity = 200 and Cost = 10000

Shape type: ring with length = 2 and breadth = 3
Quantity = 10 and Cost = 220

Coding exercise

Your job is to define a Rectangle class that is derived from two classes (Shape and Cost).

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