Standard Exceptions Demo

Understand the standard exceptions available in the C++ language.

We'll cover the following


Write a program that creates a vector of 10 elements, and sets up a value in it at a position index, received from the keyboard. Also, resize the vector to a new bigger size. Create a bitset of 5 bits and set it up with a binary string received from the keyboard. Create another bitset, set it up with 0s and 1s, and convert this string into an unsigned long int. While carrying out all these operations take care of exceptional conditions that may occur during execution.

Sample runs

Here’s what you should see when you run the program.

// First Run
Vector index: 4
Length error: vector::_M_default_append

String containing 0s and 1s: 0101

// Second Run
Enter vector index: 
Out of Range error: vector::_M_range_check: __n (which is 20) >= this->size() (which is 10)

Enter a string containing 0s and 1s: 
Invalid argument: bitset::_M_copy_from_ptr

Coding solution

Here is a solution to the above problem. You may change the values of index on line 11 and str on line 29 to see the output for valid and invalid values of these variables.

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