Discussion on Linked Lists

Discover more aspects regarding linked lists.

We'll cover the following

Additional notes

Both singly-linked and doubly-linked lists are established techniques, having been used in programs for over 4040 years. They are discussed, for example, by KnuthD. Knuth. Fundamental Algorithms, volume 1 of The Art of Computer Programming. Addison-Wesley, third edition, 1997.. Even the SEList data structure seems to be a well-known data structures exercise. The SEList is sometimes referred to as an unrolled linked listZ. Shao, J. H. Reppy, and A. W. Appel. Unrolling lists. In Proceed- ings of the 1994 ACM conference LISP and Functional Programming (LFP’94), pages 185–195, New York, 1994. ACM..

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