A summary of the course.

Congratulations on completing the course! This chapter concludes the course on the internals of databases:

  • We started with basic terminology and various ways of classifying databases.

  • We discussed database architecture and various data structures used in databases.

  • Next, we discussed various distributed concepts in databases, such as replication, partitioning, transactions, concurrency patterns, and consensus algorithms.

  • Finally, we touched upon the various problems associated with distributed systems.

This course should give you a head start on understanding the internal architecture of databases and common patterns encountered in distributed databases. It should also help with reasoning through various read and write patterns and the guarantees provided by different databases.

For a more in-depth understanding of databases, we highly recommend reviewing the following resources:

  • Database Internals, by Alex Petrov

  • Designing Data-Intensive Applications, by Martin Kleppmann

  • White papers on various database systems

  • Documentation for the database systems we’ve mentioned in this course

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