Different Classification Types

Learn different ways to classify database management systems.

We'll cover the following

Classification types

DBMS can be classified based on various criteria. This lesson summarizes the different classifications. We’ll go into more detail in subsequent lessons.

DBMS can be classified based on:

  • Data model

  • Storage medium

  • Disk layout

  • Access pattern

Classification based on the data model can be split further into different categories:

  • Relational

  • Network

  • Document

  • Hierarchical

  • Dimension

Classification based on storage medium denotes whether the data storage medium is primary, secondary, or tertiary.

Classification based on disk layout dictates whether the data record is held together in a row-based format or columnar format.

Classification based on access pattern indicates the type of query patterns the database is designed to handle, such as short-lived, point-in-time query patterns or long-lived, bulk ad hoc query patterns.

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