As you have seen throughout this course, the Django Admin interface is a wonderful tool that can save you a lot of development time. In most cases, you just need to configure your file and you are ready to go. ​

Should you go with the Django Admin?

​ Should you go with the Django Admin or should you build your own custom interface? The answer to this question will depend on your requirements.

If your business requirements are stuck/ closed to the database organization, you should definitely go with the Django Admin. However, if your requirements are very specific and involve a lot of business rules or the interface presentation, you should probably consider building your own interface.

You should just keep in mind that building your own interface could take weeks (so a lot of money for your customers) whereas building or customizing the Django Admin would take only a few days. So from a business perspective, the decision of choosing between the Django Admin and building your own custom interface could mark a significant difference between you and your competitors (from a cost perspective). ​

As a mobile developer who has made more than two hundred applications for different customers, myself chose to make a Django admin interface for each project, in order to let my customers manage view their data. With these projects, no one ever complained about not having a custom admin interface.

Going further

Here are some of the Django packages that I am using or have used in the past, which can be very helpful: ​

The Django files widget

The Django Files widget will add a drag and drop files/image widget to your admin. ​

Django Admin Thumbnails

Django Admin Thumbnails will allow you to easily add thumbnails to your admin interface. ​

Django MPTT

Django MPTT is a technique for storing hierarchical data in a database. From the admin interface, you will get a tree interface structure and you will be able to move items among each other. ​​

Django Admin Sortable2

Django Admin Sortable2 will let you re-order items on your model with drag and drop options.

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