Hello World Application

Let’s learn what a Django application is, and how to create our first Hello World Django application.

In the previous lesson, we saw how to create a Django project. In this lesson, we will take a look at how we can create a Django application. In Django terms, the project and application are very different. A project is comprised of multiple different applications.

What is a Django application?

A Django application is created to perform a particular function for a Django project. For example, a project could have a registration application, a comments application, a polling application, etc.

Pluggable Django applications

These Django applications can be plugged into other Django projects, so we can reuse them or use other people’s applications in our project.

The following command will create a Django application in the first_project directory:

python manage.py startapp first_app 

In this example, startapp is the keyword to create the application and first_app is the name of the application that we are creating.

The following files will be included in the first_app directory:

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