BERTje for Dutch

Learn about BERTje and how to use it for the next sentence prediction task.

BERTje is the pre-trained monolingual BERT model for the Dutch language from the University of Groningen. The BERTje model is pre-trained using MLM and sentence order prediction (SOP) tasks with whole word masking (WWM).

The BERTje model is trained using several Dutch corpora, including TwNC (a Dutch news corpus), SoNAR-500 (a multi-genre reference corpus), Dutch Wikipedia text, web news, and books. The model has been pre-trained for about 1 million iterations. The pre-trained BERTje model can be downloaded from GitHub. It is also compatible with the Hugging Face's transformers library, so we can use the pre-trained BERTje model directly with the transformers library.

Next sentence prediction with BERTje

Let's now see how to use the pre-trained BERTje model for the NSP task. That is, we feed two sentences, A and B, to the model and predict whether sentence B follows on from sentence A. First, let's import the necessary modules:

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