Environment Architecture

Understand environment architecture through the basics of ChatOps.

We'll cover the following


Our example ChatOps program will need to interact with several services to provide information to users.

To enable this, we have built a more robust version of the Petstore application that we built in our previous sections. This version does the following:

  • Implements create, read, update, and delete (CRUD).

  • Is gRPC based.

  • Has deeper Open Telemetry tracing that flows through RPC calls and records events.

  • Deeper metrics can be used to inform Prometheus alarms.

  • Replaces logging with tracing events.

  • All errors are automatically added to traces.

  • Traces can be turned on by a client.

  • Traces are sampled by default but can be changed via an RPC.

This new Petstore can be found below. There is a README file that details the architecture if you want to dive into the details, but you do not need to for this section.

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