Front-End Interview Question Categories

This lesson describes the categories of questions to expect in a front-end developer interview. Let's begin!

What categories do interview questions fall into?

The interview questions broadly fall into the following categories:

  • Skills demo: Seeing you in action to assess the efficiency of your workflow

  • Ability to adapt: Judging your knowledge of the current tech trends, and how well you can work with new technologies. The web changes at a fast pace, and a front-end developer needs to stay ahead of the trends. Some of the top developers are lifelong learners. They are always in the quest to learn new skills and keep themselves up to date with the current trends. For instance, you may be asked about what kinds of blogs you like to read or influential twitter developers you follow

  • Knowledge: Asking questions to test your understanding of the industry

  • Personality: Gauging how well you fit the company’s values

Open-ended questions and topics that can arise:

  • What got you excited about web development?
  • What is front-end web development, and how is it different from back-end web development?
  • What future front-end technology excites you most?
  • Share an exciting piece of knowledge with me in 5 minutes. It need not be anything technical.
  • Build me a carousel on the whiteboard.
  • Describe a technical challenge that you had and how you solved it.
  • What is the importance of coding standards?
  • Knowing which HTML tag best suits which content.
  • Semantic markup.
  • Considerations when designing or developing a multi-lingual website
  • Adding responsiveness into a web page
  • Catering for web accessibility.