Let's recap our journey throughout the course.


If you are reading this lesson, it means you have completed the entire course. As such, congratulations are in order.

It is an important accomplishment for your professional development, and we ask you to take a moment to appreciate it! It took motivation, determination, and significant time investment. It is often said that it is the start that stops most people, and while this is true in general, it isn’t quite like that for learning something new. In the beginning, most people are eager to start a new course or learn a new skill, but the excitement sometimes fades along the way.

However, you did not stop, persevered even when it was not easy, and your commitment paid off. You can be proud of yourself knowing that this time investment was an investment in your development as a developer, software engineer, and ultimately as a problem solver. By completing this course, you enriched your toolbox with new tools that will come in extremely handy for solving problems in the future!

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