Challenge: Convolution

Let's apply what we have learned about convolution using JAX in this coding exercise.

We'll cover the following

In the challenge, we’ll continue using the notations from the previous lessons, such as II for the input image and so on.


Let’s try to master convolution arithmetic with some practice. In this task, we have II of size 1024×10241024\times1024 and will convert it into a 256×256256\times256 by a series of convolutions.

Since there are a number of ways to design the above convolution network, don’t worry too much about following any specific pattern.

Below is a calculator in case you need some help in designing the filters, padding, and so on.

**Note: ** The calculator widget’s cells work just like a typical spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel. For example, to calculate the answer of 75+12, type =75+12 and press “Enter”.

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