Course Introduction

We'll go over a brief introduction to the course and its prerequisites.

Welcome to the course! Just After eXecution, otherwise known as JAX, is an exciting deep learning and numerical computing library developed by DeepMind that is gaining popularity in the developer community.


Although this is an intermediate level course, it doesn’t require too much existing knowledge. However, we do expect you have at least:

  • Some hands-on experience of Python.
  • A basic understanding of NumPy library.
  • Familiarity with at least one deep learning library like PyTorch, Tensorflow, CNTK, or a high-level library like Keras.
  • Familiarity with neural networks and deep learning.

Why take this course

If you have come across this course, then you are likely already aware of the growing popularity of JAX.

This course will provide:

  • A good balance between theory and practice. We’ll explore plenty of applied scenarios and work with practical examples while still taking the time to delve into the intuition underpinning their working

  • Coverage of a broad spectrum of subjects suitable for beginners to experts of JAX. Advanced lessons are included, but optional and can be skipped without loss of continuity.

  • Dedicated chapters covering the basics of linear algebra and random variables theory. There’s even a lesson on optimal transport theory for the interested readers.

  • Dedicated chapters covering the JAX ecosystem and its neural network libraries.

Tips on succeeding

Here are some tips to ensure you have a great time in this course:

  • Create a weekly schedule to dedicate time to this course.
  • Make sure to complete all the quizzes.
  • Try to switch across both focusedAccording to psychologists, our brain works in two modes: Focused is the default one when we are learning a new task. and diffusedDiffused mode is opposite to focused one and is usually used to complete a bigger picture. modes. We highly recommend the Pomodoro techniqueA smart timer device (online emulators available as well) helping us to stay focused on the task. when going through a new topic.
  • Understand that JAX is not a rival of NumPy.
  • Save your time in installations and other time-consuming elements by using the playgrounds regularly and effectively.
  • Hint widgets are informative. It’s a good idea to think about what they say for a minute or two.
  • Feel free to let us know if there are any areas of improvement for this course.

Best of luck with the lessons. Happy learning!