This lesson offers an overview of Jraph, a library providing support for Graph Neural Networks (GNNs).

Graph theory

Graph theory is a beautiful subject that has applications in many fields, including molecular structures, path planning, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media.

Let’s have a quick recap of graph theory.

Basic terminology

A graph is a collection of vertices and edges connecting these vertices. A directed graph contains directed edges.

E(u,v)E(v,u)E(u,v) \ne E(v,u)

A loop is an edge starting and terminating at the same vertex. - E(u,u)E(u,u)

Two vertices uu and vv are adjacent if they are endpoints of E(u,v)E(u,v) in an undirected graph. The edge E(u,v)E(u,v) will be known as the incident edge.

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