Map Reduce is difficult and for a few developers, a totally unique method for handling data processing than they are conversant with. The most widely recognized language to manage data is SQL, also, Apache Hive is referred to as a project that allows you develop SQL alike warehouse of your data on Hadoop top.

The Apache Hive is an exceptionally productive project in the Hadoop environment as it joins the following:

  • The simplicity and definitive nature of SQL, all you need is to simply state the data you require and the way in which it should be displayed, SQL will deal with developing the right plan to access and get the data.

  • SQL queries run in the use of Hive Query Language (HQL) are then converted into jobs of Map Reduce, so you’ll enjoy all the benefits Hadoop has to offer (parallel processing, fault tolerance, and more)

  • There are so many data processing codes and expertise are presently in SQL, Hive gives you the chance to reuse a vast majority of that, by offering a SQL layer on the Map Reduce top.

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